Car mirrors use for safety purposes. Because of many reasons and it is illegal to remove your car mirrors. Without car mirrors, there is a risk of accidents because you can’t see your side or back of the car. So the car mirrors are a must for your safety. You can’t move on roads without car mirrors. There are two different types of car mirrors that are side-view mirrors and rear view mirrors.

Side-View Mirror

Side-View Mirror 

 A side view mirror (or side mirror), also known as a rearview mirror.  A mirror place on the exterior of motor vehicles. To help the driver see the rear of the vehicle and the sides of the vehicle. The Peripheral outside vision of the driver (in the “blind spot”).

Almost all modern cars mount their side mirrors on the doors. Usually on the A-pillar, rather than on the wings (the part of the bodywork above the wheel).

Side mirrors are equipped for manual or remote vertical and horizontal adjustments. To provide adequate coverage for drivers of varying heights and seating positions. Remote change can be mechanical through Bowden cables or electrical through geared motors. Mirror glass may also be electrically heated and may include electrochromic dimming. To reduce glare to the driver from the headlights of following vehicles. Side mirrors incorporate vehicle turn signal repeaters. There is evidence to suggest that mirror-mounted repeaters may be more effective. Then repeaters mount in the before prominent fender-side location.

Rear-View Mirror

Rear-View Mirror 

The rearview mirror (or rearview mirror) is a flat mirror in automobiles and other vehicles. Designed to allow the driver to look back through the vehicle’s rear window (rear windshield).

In cars, the rearview mirror is usually mounted on a double swivel bracket at the top of the windshield. Allowing it to adjust to suit the height and angle of view of any driver, and is harmless if someone hits it. Driver in a collision.

A rearview mirror consists of one or more side mirrors that serve as the only rearview mirror on trucks, motorcycles, and bicycles.

Among the earliest uses of the rearview mirror is a mention by Dorothy Levitt in her 1909 book. The Woman and the Car noted that women should “carry a small hand mirror in a convenient place when driving”. So that they can “hold the mirror up.” from time to time to look behind while driving in traffic”. But, the earlier use to describe in 1906. In a trade magazine rearview car mirrors, now popular on closed body cars.  It will be widely adopted before long. The same year, Mr. Henri Cain of France patented a “warning mirror for automobiles. The Argus Dash Mirror, adjustable in any position to see the road behind, appeared in 1908. The first known rear-view mount on a racing vehicle. Appeared on Ray Harroun’s Marmon race car in the inaugural race of the Indianapolis 500 in 1911. Harroun himself claimed that it was he. Who got the idea from seeing a mirror used for a similar purpose on a horse-drawn vehicle in 1904. Harroun also claimed that the mirror vibrated. Due to the rough surface of the brick, and became useless.

Elmer Berger is generally credited with inventing the rear-view car mirror. Although in fact, he was the first to patent it (1921). Develop it for incorporation into road car production by his Berger and Company. 


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