While your vehicle’s air conditioning (A/C) system made up of various components. The A/C compressor is one of the central parts that form the essential cycle of the system. Without it, Your entire air conditioning system would not be able to perform. Its primary function of create cool air inside the vehicle. Its main role is to exert (compress) the required pressure on the car’s refrigerant. To activate its heat transfer characteristics and change the temperature. This allows you to stay cool in the hot months and have a clear windshield in the colder months. In this article, we go deep into the role of your A/C compressor in your vehicle’s air conditioning system. This is how the A/c compressor works.

Role of the A/C compressor in your car

Role of the A/C compressor in your car

To start, it is important to understand. The relationship between your air conditioning compressor and the refrigerant. Freon is a basic used refrigerant which is a kind of liquid that produces cold air from hot air. This refrigerant and compressor form a key pair that works in conjunction. Your car’s engine powers. The air conditioning compressor in its the primary role of compressing. The refrigerant used to absorb the hot air inside your automobile’s cabin.

As mentioned above. Usually, the most used air conditioning compressor is the swap plate type. A pulley and a V-belt drive the compressor which attached to the engine block of the vehicle. When you turn on the air conditioning system. An electromagnetic clutch sets the belt drive in motion. The swap plate oscillates six double-ended pistons. That are responsible for compression as well as intake and it shows how the A/C compressor works in your car. Note that the amount of refrigerant flow controlled by the poppet valve. A fine mist of oil is then applied and mixed with the coolant. To ensure adequate lubrication of the moving parts.

Then, the air conditioning compressor draws refrigerant gas through the evaporator. And causing the pressure to drop. The air conditioning compressor evaporates the low-pressure. Low-temperature refrigerant before taking this cold vapor and compressing it during this compression. The refrigerant gas heated and pushed through the pipe into the condenser. Here it liquefies again and gives off the heat before moving to a region to cool down. The refrigerant then absorbs the heat from the passenger compartment. It brought back to the gaseous state in the evaporator before being sucked out by the A/C compressor.

The A/C compressor parts and types

The compressor consists of the following parts:

  • An enclosure containing compressor section, oil filler, and valve
  • Connection points used for refrigerant pipe connections
  • Pulley with electromagnetic clutch (EM)

Different types of compressors:

  • convertible or fixed swap plate (most common)
  • reciprocity
  • Rotary (Spiral and Pedal)
  • Electric drive (used in hybrid vehicles)

How to maintain Your A/C Compressor

Let’s discuss it, how the A/c compressor works depend on how you can maintain it. Servicing your air conditioning compressor is very minimal and includes the following:

  • Use the compressor regular to keep all system components proper lubricated.
  • Charge your refrigerant to ensure the proper pressure level in the A/C system.
  • Clean and tighten the drive belt if necessary.
  • Perform electrical checks on the switch and sensor, as well as the EM clutch fuse, relay, and coil.

The most common reason. An air conditioning compressor fails is a breakdown from age or neglect. If you experience compressor failure, you will need to replace it. It is important to remember. If you are using one that has been rebuilt. You need a recovery machine to protect your environment while removing the refrigerant. Note that while you can replace some EM clutches. Some are only replaced as a set, as is the case with all motor compressors. This is the important stuff for how the A/C compressor works.


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