There are so many parts in the Engine. So, in this blog, we will discuss the different parts of the engine and their functions.  


In this method, the supercharger is driven by a gas turbine which uses the energy of exhaust gases. The turbine connects to the compressor by a turboshaft. The air is sucked by the turbine into the compressor and thrown outward by centrifugal force.

Radiator :

The radiator uses in engine cooling systems for heat transfer. It helps to transfer thermal energy from one medium to another medium for cooling and heating purpose.

 A radiator is a heat exchanger which eliminates excess heat from the system.

Fuel tank :

A fuel tank situates under the middle or rear of a vehicle or car. The fuel tank is responsible to store the fuel for vehicles.  it comes in a variety of sizes and dimensions.

Alternatively, It depends on what the capacity of fuel is for a particular vehicle. And where it requires to be set in the vehicle. it is also called a gas tank or petrol tank.

Timing Chain or Belt:

Timing belts or chains use to connect the crankshaft to the camshaft in an internal combustion engine. It helps to control the closing and opening of the engine’s valves.

Belts help to perform in vehicle’s engine to operate. It connects the engine’s crankshaft to the camshaft. It plays a crucial role in controlling the valves and pistons in our automobile vehicles.

Timing Chain or Belt

Piston Rings:

Piston rings use to provide the sealing effect between the cylinder and the piston. It helps to not leak the engine’s combustion gas and bypass the piston. It also helps to overcome the friction around the piston.

 Rings are made up of cast iron and alloy cast iron. It is of two types:

Compressor Ring (Pressure Ring)

Compressor Ring transfers heat from the piston to the cylinder liner.  It inserts into the top grooves of the piston. compressor rings are also used to overcome the side thrust over the piston which causes fluctuations.

Oil Controller Ring

The oil controller ring maintains the proper lubrication between the cylinder and the piston.  It places under the pressure ring. it also maintains access to lubrication.


Even so, today in modern times vehicles furnish with a various and wide range of sensors. A sensor is an input device that helps to watch almost everything. The sensor provides variable data information on an engine function.

Sensors perform various tasks. It can identify the problems before any breakdown and provide a countermeasure for that causes.

Moreover, Engine sensors contain electromechanical devices. It helps to watch the variety of parameters of the engine. An engine control unit (ECU) is a very important device.  That uses in today’s modern time vehicles it provides essential functions which govern the vehicles.


I hope this blog has helped you to know about the different parts of the engine. For more information about automobile parts visit our site Bharat Industry.

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